a small plan to save a troubled planet
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Why, despite the huge and growing problems plaguing the world, do humans seem unable to make changes  that will solve those problems and ensure the future of our species?
The answer is simple. We are not our own masters. For decades we have been controlled by a life form that is so vast, so powerful, so pervasive, that we do not even realize it is here.
The life form we are talking about consists, very  simply, of the huge, brutish and amoral organizations mankind has built to run our monstrously complex civilizations.
This type of organization we call the   org... 

Only one way exists to fight the org. We have to build a structure, of community, communications and work, that by its very nature opposes and undercuts its power. This type of structure we call
                                                     the  node 
If you want to learn how to fight orgs, and win back our freedom from their grasp; if you want to learn how to build or join a node, you should check out this website. You need to read the Nodism manifesto. You should join 
the movement.